NOTE from Becky

Below are comments from some of my clients,  right after session.   I want to express my appreciation to each of them for being willing to share.  The responses are genuine reflections of each person’s  feelings about their experience with Hypnosis and NLP.  I hope their words will encourage others to take the next step.

Abby’s experience with hypnosis and unexpected benefits
(in addition to becoming a nonsmoker!)

Susan Shares Experience with NLP & Hypnosis Coaching

Joel Overcomes Phobia of Crossing Bridges

Rachel’s experience with hypnosis sessions to enhance study skills.

Debora Overcomes Phobia of Blood Tests

Jakub Enjoys the Hypnosis Experience


Annie Moves Forward Removing Blocks from the Past


Robert’s Describes NLP Session


Chasity Describes Past LIfe Regression


Lynne Lowers Blood Pressure with Hypnosis and NLP Coaching


Art’s Coaching Sessions with NLP


Pam Shares Her View on Hypnosis