Past Life Regression

What is a Past Life Regression?

People have many beliefs about past lives, do they exist, is it all made up?  Yet many people have this experience, sometimes spontaneously while relaxing in the shower –  where all the bright ideas seem to flow!  But more often people can recall a past life when they enter a light state of hypnosis.

I cannot prove if past lives are real, or not, but this is how I was taught to explain them.  When you go into a trance-like state of hypnosis, a simply relaxing state, and you begin to recall memories from a life before this one – you could explain it in three ways;

  1. You are recalling memories of your ancestry passed down through your genes, and through cellular memory.
  2. You are making it up!  But this is more valuable then you believe,  because all stories come from your imagination, which is your subconscious mind.  The story is a metaphor, made up by your unconscious mind to reveal to you what you need.
  3. You truly are having a past life experience.

Whatever is true, most people find a past life regression to be beneficial.  You may be familiar with Brian Weiss, who is famous for his client Catherine – the woman who spontaneously began having past life experiences during her psychotherapy sessions, and each past life recall healed some issue in her life today.  Most of her memories were traumatic and horrific.

The experience I have with people during past life regressions has been a little different.  Rarely does anyone recall a horror story, but whatever they recall has this one intention:  to reveal something that has meaning, importance, and significance to you in THIS lifetime, today.


To schedule your Past Life Regression – get in touch!  Session runs between 90 min and 2 hours.

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