Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 

Happening Jan 2019 is a SuperMoon

Supermoon happens
when the Full Moon orbit is
closer to the Earth

and the symbology could be
whether you believe it or not
What can you expect?

Expect the unexpected

Unexpected events may occur
Which bring about change –

Original ideas –
Breakthroughs – 
Opportunity – if you are open

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Past Life Regression Session for Positive Change

Chastity Describes her experience after a Past Life Regression Session

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Past Life Regression

What is a Past Life Regression?
People have many beliefs about past lives, do they exist, is it all made up?  Yet many people have this experience, sometimes spontaneously while relaxing in the shower –  where all the bright ideas seem to flow!  But more often people can recall a […] Continue Reading…