How to Bring More Peace for the Holidays

Balance Your Chakra Energy
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When the Chakra Energy Centers are in balance you experience better health –


Benefits of Balancing the Chakra Energy may include:

Release anger, guilt, fear, sadness, loneliness
Enhance feelings of being safe and protected
Experience more pleasure and sensual fulfillment
Increase ability […] Continue Reading…


Magic Happens – Again

I posted this over 7 years ago – and it rings so true – it seemed worth posting yet again.

Magic Happens
Have you ever felt as if the world is crumbling around you?  Nothing works?  You do everything right, set your goals, get clear about what you want, practice the […] Continue Reading…


How to Bring More Peace and Joy into Your Life

Do you want a simple tip or two on how to find instant peace in a crazy world?

Join us:
David Riklan
Founder of Self Improvement Online Inc
interviews Becky Hays on tips for finding more peace.