Jobs for Creative People – Creative Action

Some of the best creative writing exercises and workshops for opening up creativity include tips for shifting your beliefs.

Why is this so important?!  Because people tend to ‘learn’ negative thoughts and beliefs around creativity, starting with the belief that creativity is a waste of time, or not important.

Yet check out any resume expert and ‘creative thinking’ will be one of the skill sets in demand.  It can be interesting to notice how a person can hold two opposing beliefs:

One side of your brain is screaming: Jobs for creative people do not exist!

But the other side reminds you that Creative Thinking (a.k.a. problem solving) is a highly sought after skill.

Of course we all know about “taking action” but how about:

“Taking Creative Action

Creative Action can make the difference between finding a solution, getting out of debt, landing the ideal job, attracting the perfect mate…or not.

Opening up your creativity opens up unlimited possibility.  The reason I took Julia Cameron’s workshop, The Artists Way, and highly recommend it, is because it opened up many more creative options, even back when I believed I was already a creative person!

Opening up creative ideas is what we do in session with NLP coaching….a series of sessions to open up your mind to what is possible, that you may not believe.

Energy flows..where attention goes…so right now I would like to shift your attention to my former client, Lori Reeves, with a Hip Hip Hooray!

Lori’s writing was always tied in with her past, and the writings of her mother, so it is fitting she would make her ‘writing debut’  at this event:

Click Here to see Lori’s Writing Debut

Join me in congratulating Lori Reeves at her writing debut…she is a woman Taking Creative Action by the horns, and bringing her dream into reality.   You go girl!