How to Improve Self-Esteem

When I meet with clients in session, the first question I always ask them is this:  What do you want to have happen?

That is the starting point, and as we dig deeper we get to the root of what brought them into my office.  Some may call this process coaching.  Personally,  I like the phrase “a mastermind of two”

Kind of like “dinner for two” but more fun!

And I am fascinated, that no matter what inspired them to come to the office and try out a  session, most people want to learn how to improve  self-esteem.

Self-esteem is like cash in the bank!  Most people have it, and most people would be thrilled to have more!  Think of having loads of self-esteem like having a cash reserve.  It never hurts to have extra, for a rainy day, or to share with a friend.

When you have self confidence, it is much easier to share and lend a helping hand.  But when you have low self esteem, life can be a struggle and it’s hard enough to get by, much less help out someone else.

Here is one simple way to raise self esteem:

Let Go of those self-imposed limitations. 

Simple to do.  But HOW?!

I LOVE this video from Dr Joe Dispenza on creating your new personal reality.  I love how he explains this process, a process I call Self-Hypnosis in our mini-mastermind sessions.

Dr Dispenza has summed it up brilliantly right here:

Stop Self Imposed Limitations

and if you like his video, then check out his online course.

Or just go read the weekly course titles.  They summarize the inner change work that happens, each time you make a positive shift in your life.