How to Become a Writer (or Do What You Love)

Have you ever wondered how to become a writer?  Have you ever wanted to share your story?

Or maybe there is something else you want to do, yet something holds you back.  Those are what I call Beliefs.

I have worked in session with many creative people, including writers, and I have seen people move past obstacles they believed were impossible.

Everyone has a set of beliefs.

The question to ask is this:

Do your beliefs support you, or do they get in your way?

You may have a burning desire to write a book, or a story, yet carry a belief that you have no writing skills or lack talent.  Maybe you’ve even been to writing workshops, but, nothing seems to happen.

Do you have a story to tell?  Stories are what change people, and the world around you.  If you have been stuck in the muck, wondering what to do, consider this:  Do you have a story to share, that could impact the world, or at the very least fill you with joy?

If so, get started.  Here is something to check out:


This writers workshop at Hayhouse all started with one, little, book.  A little book written by Louise Hay about positive affirmations.  She self-published that little book in her church to pass it around.

and now, decades later, her organization has jump-started many best-selling authors around the world!!  …anything is possible!  Look where one, small book can take you.

If you have a story to share, check out the writers workshop, or, just pick up a pen.   Start writing.    You never know where it will take you, and how many people’s lives will be touched, from taking this one creative action.