Happy Memorial Day!

As we move forward to this Memorial Day Weekend, we are reminded to pause, and honor those who have passed.

This marks a time of contemplation and inner reflection, as mixed emotions arise around those who have left us, and we begin to become aware, even for a moment, of the finite existence of our own lives.

Inner dialogue and thoughts may arise:

Life is short!

How much time do I have?

What am I doing with my life?  Am I happy, content, fulfilled?

Could my life be better?

Have I given up completely, resigned?

Do I feel a glimmer of hope?

Am I able to  get in touch with buried dreams?

Do I sense the urgency to make a shift now?

As you take a moment to remember those who have passed, I invite you to take a look at your own life.  Life is short…Life is all exapnding…Life is what you make it.

Is there some area of your life that you would like to change, improve, shift?

Perhaps, now is the time.

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