Enormous Power of your Unconscious Brain

(a.k.a the subconscious mind)

Check out this article (and cool video) from the BBC about the power of the subconscious mind (what BBC calls the unconscious brain).

In this awesome video a 10 year old boy demonstrates how highly skilled you can become when you move a difficult task from your conscious mind, into your unconscious mind.

This demo shows that programming your subconscious mind is an amazing act that goes well beyond positive thinking.

Read the article here: http://bit.ly/EnormousPowerofyourBrain

Now imagine if you could do what this boy did with your own habits or desires.  You could adopt a habit of positive thinking, learn to love yourself, and get active.   And it could happen just as easily and skillfully as this boy performs his amazing cup demo.

It took this boy years of practice, spending hours every day, to program his unconscious mind to do this trick.  But you can program your mind much faster. It does not need to take years of practice, and it is not a trick, when you use the right tools to access your subconscious mind.

In fact, the best habit to learn is HOW you already program your subconscious mind,  so that you can begin to use that skill and apply it in all areas of your life.