Chicken Little – The Power of Beliefs

The Acorn Has Fallen

Beliefs are Hard to Believe


When people come to see me

for hypnosis, or NLP, or coaching

they often have something

they want to change.


It may be about work, or school,

or an issue with a relationship.


But what they often do not realize

is that sometimes the only thing

that really needs to change is a…


Limiting Belief


What is a Limiting Belief?


What is a Belief?


You may have heard the idea that

a Belief is just a Thought

that you keep thinking.


Beliefs can support you

and lift you up


Or hold you back

and weigh you down


So this email

kicks off a series

of belief emails called




Last week as I walked to my car

in the parking lot,

standing under a tall tree,


an Acorn Fell and smacked me

right smack dab on the head


If fell very HARD,

as if a renegade squirrel

had it out for me,

and was taking aim.


I looked up and searched the branches

looking for that squirrel

(none to be seen)


Later that evening I did some research

on the meaning of an


Acorn Falling on the Head


and I found this:


Chicken Little – The Sky is Falling


This old time children’s fable

is the perfect lead in to a series

about the power of beliefs


As a reminder, here is the story of

the Famous Children’s Fable:


Chicken Little – The Sky is Falling


Chicken Little likes to walk in the woods.


She likes to look at the trees.


She likes to smell the flowers.


She likes to listen to the birds singing.


One day while she is walking

an acorn falls from a tree,

and hits the top of her little head.


– My, oh, my, the sky is falling.

I must run and tell the lion about it,

says Chicken Little and begins to run.


She runs and runs.

By and by she meets the hen.


– Where are you going? asks the hen.


– Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling

and I am going to the lion

to tell him about it.


– How do you know it? 

asks Henny Penny.


– It hit me on the head,

so I know it must be so,

says Chicken Little.


– Let me go with you

says Henny Penny.

– Run, run.


So the two run and run

until they meet Ducky Lucky.


– The sky is falling,

says Henny Penny. 

We are going to the lion

to tell him about it.


– How do you know that? 

asks Ducky Lucky.


– It hit Chicken Little on the head,

says Henny Penny.


– May I come with you? 

asks Ducky Lucky.


– Come, – says Henny Penny.


So all three of them run on and on

until they meet Foxey Loxey.


– Where are you going?

asks Foxey Loxey.


– The sky is falling and

we are going to the lion

to tell him about it,

says Ducky Lucky.


– Do you know where he lives?

asks the fox.


– I don’t, – says Chicken Little.


– I don’t, – says Henny Penny.


– I don’t, – says Ducky Lucky.


– I do, – says Foxey Loxey.

Come with me and I can show you the way.


Foxey Loxey walks on and on

but he takes a shortcut, and

leads them to his den.


– Come right in, – says Foxey Loxey.


They all go in to the Fox’s Den,

but they never, never come out again.


What is the Lesson from the story?


It is a Lesson in the power of BELIEF.


It is a Lesson in having Courage


It is a Lesson to Question your Beliefs


The chicken jumps to a conclusion

that the sky is falling.

This is a Limiting Belief


This Belief leads to mass hysteria,

which the unscrupulous fox

uses to manipulate the crew,

for his own benefit

(in the form of a three course meal)


Oh..the power of those wacky beliefs!


Just remember

.in the end,

the sky never did fall


it was mass hysteria

(a Limiting BELIEF)

that ended it all.


It can be helpful from time to time,


fine-tune your beliefs,




you want to walk through the world with

Empowering Beliefs


instead of Dis-Empowering Beliefs.


Stay tuned for more….coming soon….