Past Life Regression for a New Years Resolution

Past Life Regression

You may have heard the phrase – 
Black Lives Matter
White Lives Matter
All Lives Matter

what about – Past Lives Matter?

if you believe in Past Lives,
or you are curious,
You may recall that IF
a past life really does exist,

then it is highly likely you have
experienced all types of lives,
across the board,
with various colors and shapes and size

When you come to know this,
the gap between the differences
becomes much smaller
and begins to seem insignificant.

But you don’t have to believe
in a Past Life – to experience
a Past Life Regression.

I certainly have no way of proving
if Past Lives exist – or not – 

But I do know that my clients have
had that ‘experience’ –
of visiting a past life
during a Past Life Regression,

be it a simple metaphor
created by
your unconscious mind,

or accessing cellular memory,
passed down through ancestry
and DNA,

or a true visit to a past time – 

– whatever you believe,
a Past Life Regression
is a great way to:

-have an experience

-discover something new about your Self

-uncover skills and talents you may not
be aware that you have

-find a solution from the past,
that is relevant to your life today

Guided Past Life Regressions that 
we do together in session
are based on a method used
by a descendant of Edgar Cayce – 

They are designed to help you find
useful information from the past,
a clue, a lesson, or guidance,
related to an issue of significance
in your life today.

a Past Life Regression
makes the perfect gift, for your Self,
and a loved one too!

If you are looking for something new,
for yourself or a loved one

Get in touch

and schedule a Past Life Regression.

You may discover something
that you did not even know
you were looking for!


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Past Life Regression Session for Positive Change

Chastity Describes her experience after a Past Life Regression Session

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Past Life Regression

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